Effective Pest Control Methods for Your Home

Using eco-friendly and safe pesticides can keep you, your family, pets, and neighbours safe. You can use the most effective methods of pets controlling your home without causing any harm to your home and commercial property.

You can treat the small number of pests by yourself with some sort of pest management and treatment plans. The expert pest controllers and professional pest control company is often packed with chemicals that can produce large-scale damage problems. Though many companies will offer the best organic environment-friendly solutions, not all of them are safe.

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The following detail will help you in understanding all such issues, and will assist you in finding top quality pest treatment for eliminating or controlling pests naturally:

1.   Use of Garlic

Humans enjoy the taste and aroma of garlic but on the contrary, it is too difficult for the bugs to bear this strong odour. There is some spicy vegetable also poisonous to some species of pea aphids and caterpillars. You can make this solution at home by crushing and peeling two bulbs of garlic. Then add them to half a cup of water and allow it to sit for a night. Strain the mixture in the morning and use it with a spray bottle. Your solution is ready to apply.

2. Coffee residue

The smell of fresh coffee will refresh you in the early morning, but it is not the same for mosquitoes. The strong odour of coffee sediments will act as mosquito repellent. Many studies have proved that the growing mosquito larvae can also get killed by this smell. You can use the coffee grounds after preparing a tasty brew for you. Spray them in the bodies of stagnant water around your home. It will make the environment unfriendly for mosquitoes.

3. Cucumber

Cucumber is a natural product that can be used effectively in keeping the ants away from your kitchen and other such areas. The smell of cucumber peels is not liked by ants as it has a toxic chemical. Place the cucumber slices in the affected areas near your home for instance cracks or other entry points.

4. Basil

Basil can make your meals with salads more exciting. You can also use it as a substance to keep away insects, flies, and mosquitoes. It contains a strong odour you do not need to squeeze leaves or do any preparations. Plant basil in containers and place it next to your doors, windows. The insects will stay away. You should also put these plants near the standing water. Basil can be very toxic for the larvae of mosquitoes.

5. Using Eucalyptus oil

Applying a few droplets of Eucalyptus essential oil on the clothes can give you a fly-free area. Leave these clothes in areas that are highly infested by flies.

6. Peppermint

Peppermint is very effective in getting rid of spiders. Put a few drops of peppermint oil in the spray bottle, and add some soap and water to the bottle. Stir the bottle properly, and spray everywhere near the doors, windows, and dark corners where spiders often hide.

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6. The smell of citrus

Lemons are an excellent stain remover, antiseptic, and beauty essential. It is a very effective and cheap method to eliminate unwanted pests from your living place. You only have to form a spray with juice, essential oils. You can also put some slices of the peels in the areas of your home where you observe insects. The second option is to rubdown those peels into the surfaces. The peels of orange and grapefruit can also work well for this purpose. There will be lovely scents of citrus in your home as an additional benefit.

How are we different?

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